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Known as "Today's Town...with Yesterday's Touch", Farmingdale, and its Main Street, dates back to an Indian path toward the Manasquan River. The town of Farmingdale started out with two stores, two taverns, and 10-12 dwellings.

History of Farmingdale

Important Notice

Monmouth-Ocean Area Energy Cooperative

Monday, April 8, 2019

April 8, 2019

Dear Borough of Farmingdale Residents,

I am proud to write to you today to share the good news about the Borough of Farmingdale’s renewed participation in the Monmouth-Ocean Area Energy Cooperative which is a state-authorized “Community Aggregation Program”. We previously seperated from the Co-Op with Howell, but have become the lead agent in a new Co-Op along side Point Pleasant including the towns of Manasquan and Ocean Township. Residents should have already received letters like this Daly-Energy Co-Op Letter, which is my letter.

 The program is designed to offer you and your neighbors reduced rates on your electric bill.   This is the same program that was in place a few years ago, and it is important to point out this is an Opt-Out program. You must request to not be included if you do not want to take advantage of the program. It is not done this way to trick users into the program, it is the way the programs are required to operate per NJ State Law N.J.A.C. 14:4-6.1 et seq.   The bottom line is that when we purchase energy from bulk re-sellers, together as a community, we are able to offer lower, more stable rates to the residents. As a governing body I feel we would be remiss not offering the residents ways to save money.

 The attached documents contain important information explaining the Community Aggregation Program established by Farmingdale to provide lower electric generation rates than you would currently pay with JCP&L. We are pleased to offer this cost saving program for your electric bills! Some of you may recall that Farmingdale participated in the program at the initial on-set back in 2015 and we are pleased to be participating again and offering even lower rates.  Please take a few moments to read through the enclosed material.  An example of savings realized by those that continued in the program were known to be saving approximately 12%, and even though each user is different, there is a real benefit to this program. Please know, its ok if you are not interested, it is something that is being made available to the residents of Farmingdale.

 Your participation does not affect your neighbors opportunity to take part in the program. The link below goes to the NJ Agrigation FAQ's page which you may find helpful in making your decision. can also watch this video to get more information,

If you have no interest, its OK, just send back the letter in the pre-addressed and stamped envelope included, requesting to Opt Out. You can also call the number, (877) 292-3904 which is provided in the letter, or go to the website also provided in the letter, and as a live link here, to register your Opt Out decision. No response from you means you will be automatically opted in.


Mayor & Council, The Borough of Farmingdale