Asbury Avenue Tracks

Welcome to Farmingdale

Known as "Today's Town...with Yesterday's Touch", Farmingdale, and its Main Street, dates back to an Indian path toward the Manasquan River. The town of Farmingdale started out with two stores, two taverns, and 10-12 dwellings.

History of Farmingdale

Important Notice

Hydrant Flushing Today 5/8 from 9-3 Possibly 5/9 as well if necessary

Hydrant Flushing Reminder - Today May 8 - 9-3

This is just a reminder that today from 9-3 the hydrants will be flushed. Remember, this may cause any possible sedement in the pipes to be loosened and move through the system, it is supposed to do this so the rest of the season the pipes are clean as they can be to deliver a quality water product. DO NOT WASH WHITES during this time, and suggest doing no clothes cleaning. ALSO run the water for a few seconds before filling for cooking or drinking to help alleviate if there is anything sturred up in the lines to clear through before using/drinking. All residents received notification and information with the last bill mailing. Notifications were also hand delivered and/or emailed to the Apartment Management staff to be delivered to the units.